Typical Week (BUGS!)

BUGS (虫) was our topic for last week. It was a fun-filled week with lots of activities the kids enjoyed. At the end of the week, the kids were able to identify the bugs and talked about how they moved using 普通话. It was great! Here is an overview of what we did for BUGS!

Grasping bugs with forceps.

Super Bug Hunter! Grasping bugs with forceps.

Language – Conversation:
这是 . . . 蚂蚁, 蝴蝶, 蜻蜓, 蜜蜂, 蜘蛛…
虫会飞, 爬, 跳, 游泳, 挖。
虫身体有什么部分?(Practice body parts again. Previous theme.)

Language – Structure:
这是 . . . (蚂蚁, 蝴蝶, 蜻蜓, 蜜蜂, 蜘蛛)
你会 . . . 吗? (飞, 爬, 跳, 游泳, 挖)

Language – Written Vocabulary

Music – Nursery Rhyme and Song:
嗡嗡嗡,小蜜蜂,飞到西,飞到东,飞到花园里,花囩里 去釆蜜。嗡嗡嗡,小蜜蜂,飞到西,飞到东,大家唱着歌,唱着歌 去做工。

Count the insects, count their legs!

Arts and Crafts:
Lollipop Spider. We started the week with a simple one that kids enjoy because they get to eat it!


Making favorite insects!


Lollipop spiders are yummy!

Create your favorite insect. We gave the kids their choice on which insect they want to make. We made ladybugs, butterflies, spiders, bees, and ants!

Insect stamps and find your bugs. Kids used rubber stamps of insects, and markers to create their own garden scene. Then other students had fun picking out the insects from each other’s drawing. Some students are very good at hiding those insects!

Bug hunting sandbox

Bug hunting sandbox

Science and Social:
Life cycle of the butterfly. From egg, to larva, to pupa, to butterfly.

Super Bug Hunter! With our sand table, the kids had great fun picking out the insects from the fake grass (confetti). We used small forceps so the kids can practice fine motor skills. We also stressed teamwork as the kids worked together to pick out a list of insects the teacher prepared.

Observe real bugs. On a sunny day we went out into the play area and looked for bugs with magnifying glasses. We found some ants and spiders! The kids were very excited to search for live bugs.

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