Typical Week 2 (SPORTS!)

With the weather warming up and days getting sunnier, our theme last week is SPORTS (运动)! Both the teachers and the students were very excited about this theme because at the end of the week, we had our own iMandarin Olympics! By incorporating the Olympics into the sports theme, we were able to teach the students a lot more about sports then simply playing ball.

For our Olympics, the kids first took turns carrying the Olympic torch to start our opening ceremony. Even the littlest student (2.5 yrs old) was able to participate carrying the torch. We then practiced for our main event, the relay race. The race started with the youngest one carrying the baton, and it was passed from youngest to oldest. The kids all did their best to run as fast as possible around the center. In the end, team iMandarin school won the race! Each students got a trophy (which they made and decorated themselves) and a GOLD medal. It was a lot of fun.

Carrying the Olympic Torch

iMandarin Olympics! Opening Ceremony.

It was only pretend, but as teachers we couldn’t help but feel proud of our kids as they stood together on the podium to get their medals. They really are doing great and growing up to be good little people.

Below was our lesson plan for the week.

Language – Conversation:
今年 Olympics 在巴西。很多运动員代表国家參加比赛。

Language – Written Vocabulary

Olympics. We spent the week teaching the kids about the Olympics. We discussed the events, and the athletes and how they are the best of each country. As the week went by, and the kids learn more their excitement grew. On the last day of the week, we had our own Olympics with opening ceremony, events, and medal awards. We picked the relay race as our main event as all the kids can participate and they all had to work as a team.

Baseball. Teach the students about baseball and let them try hitting the ball. The youngest students hit the ball off the T. The older kids got to try hitting the bean bags that the teacher gently tossed to them. (After a few misses, the kids were able to hit the flying bean bags!)

Soccer. This one all the kids seem to know how to play 🙂

Basketball. We practiced basketball using the Fisher Price basketball hoop.

Make and decorate trophies. Use 2 cups and pipe cleaners to make a trophy. Then decorate with drawings and stickers.

Good sportsmanship. We read stories about sports and competition. We use the stories to teach the kids about good sportsmanship. We emphasized that all the kids are good at something. Some are good at running and some are good at jumping, etc… We also taught, it is ok to lose, you don’t have to cry. Also we should follow the rules and no cheating in competition. You shouldn’t brag when you win, and lastly it is important to work as a team.

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