About iMandarin Chinese Immersion Child Care Center

Mission Statement:
Provide excellent early childhood education in a safe, fun and stimulating environment, while at the same time teach our students Mandarin Chinese.

Our Philosophy:
• We believe children will love to come to school if we build a fun and stimulating environment.
• We provide an environment that children feel secure in so they can explore and learn independently. Our teachers are there to guide and support, not to dictate.
• We believe the best time for children to learn another language is when they are young. Studies have shown that the earlier the student starts learning a language, the more fluent the child becomes. The best time to acquire a new language is between the ages of 2 to 12.
• We believe best way to teach Chinese is via full immersion. Except for the daily English language class, all instructions will be in Mandarin Chinese. The English period is used to reinforce daily Chinese lessons as well as help us monitor the development of the child’s English language skills.
• We believe the best way for children to develop their skills and learn Mandarin Chinese is via play and interaction with the teachers and other students. We don’t just sit the kids in class and drill vocabulary, we engage the child in happy play such that they enjoy speaking Chinese and develop their skills naturally.
• We believe parents’ involvement is critical to the success of our students. We don’t just fill out a report the day before the parent teacher conference. We will provide regular updates to let you know your child’s progress. We will observe and assess the child throughout the year to make sure the child is developing the targeted skills.


• 我们相信,如果 学校 是一个 好玩 ,有启发性的环境, 孩子会开心地到学校来学习。

• 我们会提供一个让孩子觉得很自在安全的环境,让他们很放心的去探索和学习。我们的老师是在这里帮助孩子自主性学习,激励他们尝试的兴趣, 而不是以刻板的方式强迫教学。

• 我们相信,孩子学习语言的最佳时期是在幼儿期。研究指出最好的学习时机是在两岁到十二岁。在这个时间里,越早学习中文越流利。

• 我们相信最好学习中文的方法是浸润式教学。每天除了半小时的英文,我们全部的课程,将以中文学习。

• 我们相信,透过游戏,与人互动的方式,是孩子 学习人际关系,奠定良好人格,以及学习中文的最好方法。我们不愿意孩子坐在椅子上,看着课本背生字。我们要在快乐的游戏中,和老师同学以中文沟通的方式,自然地学习中文。

• 我们相信,父母的参与是孩子学习成长成功的重要因素。学校和父母的交流对我们来说是非常重要的。除了家长会时的报告,我们也会经常的让父母知道孩子在学校里的成长表现。我们会观察和评估孩子的发展,以确保 孩子的成长健全和学习进度是否适当。