Our Chinese Mandarin Immersion Curriculum

Our Whole Approach
We don’t buy off-the shelf lesson plans, we don’t license or franchise cookie cutter curriculums, we spend an extraordinary amount of time developing our own developmentally appropriate curriculum based in mandarin that is fun and stimulating for the students. We invest and hire certified teachers that are skilled in developing lesson plans. Our teachers, director, and owner will meet weekly to review each class’s curriculum to make sure we are helping our students develop targeted skills. We don’t just focus on Chinese and academics, we teach “the whole child,” the child’s physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development.
The targeted areas can be broken down to the following:
Creative development: For example through art and music.
Physical development: For example outdoor play, blocks, beads for fine motor skill development.
Cognitive development: Science and math.
Language development: Mandarin and English lessons.
Social development: Group project, dramatic play.
Please take a look at our blog posts for more detail on how we teach our students!
Take a look at a typical weekly theme.
Lesson plans that contain all these elements are shown below: