Our Emphasis on Play

Our emphasis on play
It seems like kids are growing up faster and faster nowadays. Soon enough when your children enter first grade, they will be immersed in academic studies, homework and standardized tests. The opportunity for our little ones to play grows smaller and smaller as schools face the pressure of meeting academic requirements. Furthermore, parents often put pressure on our children to prepare for the future by spending more time on studying and less on playing.

Play benefits a child through many different ways. Play promotes mastery as children practice their skills; it furthers cognitive development as they learn to problem solve; it involves physical activity; it helps children work through emotions; it is creative in its nature; and it is how kids learn to interact with each other socially. Play is how children learn to socialize, to think, to solve problems, to mature and simply to have fun!

Play is even more relevant when it comes to learning a language. Best way for a child to learn a language and be fluent is through interaction with their peers and teachers as they play together. As the children speak mandarin while they play, speaking mandarin becomes natural and fun.

iMandarin school firmly believes in the importance of play, we believe in preserving a child’s chance to play through the pre-school ages. Join us, give your child the gift of another language, help prepare your child for the globalized world, and let your little one grow and develop while playing and having fun!
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